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RP-Hevosurheilutuotteet Oy is a well known company in the world of horse racing. We manufacture horse racing equipment for both horses and people alike. Our company is based in Akaa Finland. Our customer-base is built from both domestic and international customers (e.g Sweden, France, Belgium).


All of our products are handcrafted from start to finish, with utmost attention paid to the quality. Our range of products include transportation bags and tarpaulins for sulkies, assortment of different bags (e.g blanket bags, harness bags), trotting helmets (both new and repairs for old ones), knee boots, hind and front boots for horses, rugs and blankets and any other possible sewing needed regarding equestrian or other sports.

We have a stock of finished products ready for order (e.g knee boots, hind and front boots. The buyer also has the possibility to pick the colors, materials, model or needlework of the finished products, and the products can be adorned by embroidery with the logo, colors and/or name of a team/stable.

Any other kind of sewing or repair work can also be done by subscription. Please feel free to contact us!

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